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DMAB is a San Diego based law firm that specializes in all aspects of business and real estate law throughout California. Our attorneys handle both transactional and litigation matters. We provide each of our clients the personal attention necessary to achieve their unique goals. We have taken our large, diverse law firm experience to a streamlined platform that allows us to be more responsive, deliver more value and ultimately, provide peace of mind for our clients that their legal issues will be resolved.

Effective legal representation starts with listening, but requires knowledge and experience to develop an action plan that delivers efficient and successful results. Our lawyers have attended the top law schools and worked at the finest firms in California. This strength allows us to quickly identify how each client’s legal issues should be handled.

Once our clients’ legal needs are identified and an action plan developed, we move with strength and precision to achieve the stated goals. On litigation matters, we work side-by-side with our clients whether to reach a negotiated, early settlement of a dispute or to prepare in earnest for a trial. On transactional matters, we prepare documents that succinctly identify each parties’ legal rights and obligations on a wide-range of business and real estate matters from structuring complex business associations and negotiating multi-layered purchase and sale transactions to simple contract review and preparation of real estate documents.

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Business & Commercial Litigation

Our business litigation attorneys are qualified and experienced in pursuing and defending companies and individuals in lawsuits. We are trial attorneys who specialize in winning cases.  We handle all types of business and commercial litigation,  including but not limited to, breach of contract, intellectual property, unfair competition, defamation, partnership disputes, employment, government investigation, shareholder disputes, corporate dissolution, and fraudulent conveyance. DMAB’s strong business and corporate transactional practice provides a ready source of background and understanding for business-related disputes. Our firm utilizes this collection of experience and knowledge to negotiate acceptable settlement terms, or when required, to argue your case at mediation, arbitration or trial.

Business & Real Estate Transactions

Our business and real estate transaction team negotiates, structures and documents simple and intricate agreements spanning the gamut of business and real estate transactions, including operating agreements, commercial and residential leases, shareholder agreements, mergers and acquisitions, asset and stock purchases, licensing, employment, and easements.   We guide our clients through all stages of business development and growth: from forming a corporate entity through sale, liquidation and dissolution.

Our corporate and individual clients come from private and commercial sectors of communications, software, biotechnology, banking, transportation, construction, import/export, food service, retail, wholesale, manufacturing and healthcare. Regardless of whether we are advising a small, privately-held family business or a publicly-owned corporation in a large international deal, our corporate and business transaction services are incomparable, in skill and price.

Real Estate Litigation

We handle virtually any real estate legal action, from disputes involving property purchase and sale, land use regulation, easement rights, and secured financing transactions to commercial and residential leasing disputes, unlawful detainer, failure to disclose, contractor claims and neighbor disputes. Our attorneys specialize in enforcing our clients’ rights and defending them in the court room. Our real estate litigation practice also is complemented by our firm’s real estate transactional work. The experience our attorneys have in structuring workable agreements between parties early in the bargaining process help our clients avoid litigation and settle cases in mediation.  We represent individuals and all businesses involved with real estate disputes.  These include homeowners, commercial landlords and tenants, financial institutions, title and escrow companies and real estate brokers and agents.

Title Insurance Litigation

Our title insurance litigation group represents title insurance companies in claims investigation, coverage analysis, coverage litigation, insurance bad faith litigation, escrow litigation, and claims against errors and omissions carriers and other insurers. We also defend and prosecute litigation for insured owners and lenders with respect to the validity, enforceability, priority, and reformation of deeds of trust; mechanic’s liens and stop notice claims; easements, access, adverse possession, and prescriptive rights; fraud/forgery actions; missing interests (lack of authority/capacity); and search/exam errors, survey issues, and underwritten risks. We have published and lectured on title insurance issues, and we have personal relationships and access to some of the brightest and most well respected experts in the title insurance industry.  In the absence of any conflict, we take on select cases for policyholders, both lenders and owners, and we represent businesses and individuals on escrow matters.

Title Insurance Coverage & Curative

Since 1990, David Boss, the chair of DMAB’s Title Insurance Coverage and Curative Practice Group, has actively represented national and state title insurers, underwritten title companies, developers, real estate owners and lenders in addressing issues that affect all aspects of ownership of, and lender interests in, real property.  Mr. Boss has brought his industry-leading practice to DMAB.  DMAB provides counsel to title insurance companies and their underwritten title companies in addressing claims made under title insurance policies, trustee sale guarantees, litigation guarantees and other related title insurance products.  The firm is regularly retained by our clients to review and analyze chains of title to real property. We also offer title curative services addressing issues affecting the entire spectrum of real property, from residential, commercial and industrial property to government owned or administered lands.

Technology Law

Our firm counsels its technology-based clients to help navigate the rapidly evolving federal and state laws related to doing business online. The combined effect of a lack of established legal principles, inconsistent case law interpretation, and the lag time between advances in technology and the promulgation of applicable statutes makes for many cases of first impression in this area. In addition, technology’s ability to instantaneously disseminate information on a global scale makes prompt and vigorous attorney representation in this area invaluable, and the absence of such representation potentially devastating.  We handle all forms of licensing, branding, domain name disputes, defamation and libel issues, copyright/trademark protection and infringement, content management, terms and conditions, and privacy matters. We also counsel our clients in compliance matters related to the CAN-SPAM Act and related legislation that continues to rapidly evolve how technology is regulated.


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